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meet the founder


Barbara has been exploring connections over the last decade. With an expansive portfolio and an insatiable urge to create change, she worked with hundreds of new and established business owners to create and execute strategies and creative projects. 

With her learnings came the connection to create a space for creativity and joy, for clients and for teams. She believes operations can be harmonious towards people and the planet without sacrificing efficiency and results. Barbara's mission is to help build more inclusive, connected and authentic brands, with kindness. 

&the creative network

Our network consist of industry experts, independent talent and agencies with shared decades of experience and passion for growing purpose-led businesses.


From specialists, designers, photographers, video crews, models and locations to equipment, music and propping we strategically pitch the creative resources that best fit the brief requirements, providing clients with exceptional work and an ongoing caring partnership.

Our approach comes from a place of empathy and kindness. We believe in nurturing the creativity of our teams and championing our clients to deliver meaningful brand expressions.

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